Add The ‘Wow’ Factor to Your Kitchen in Norwich

The kitchen is the centre-point of every home. Meals are created there, providing fuel for the family, as well as being a meeting point socially for anyone who visits the home. For that reason, your kitchen needs to be not only functional, but comfortable and stylish too. A room that caters for so many needs, and sees so much traffic, should have a ‘wow’ factor!

Here at Grays Fitted Furniture, we understand just how important it is to have a kitchen that suits every single one of your family’s needs. We are Neff Master Partners and Bosch main dealers, and we offer a fantastic range of fitted kitchens in Norwich, with a huge range of designs and styles on offer. From modern to contemporary, we have something to suit your tastes and needs.

Why a Kitchen is Not Just ‘a Kitchen’

A small and poorly designed kitchen does not serve the purpose it is supposed to. For instance, if you consider your kitchen simply to be the place where you make the coffee and cook the food, you’re missing the point entirely. From lovingly creating new recipes and providing meals for your family, to a place of social activity, where everyone gathers at some point during the day, your kitchen needs to be right for your needs.

How? There needs to be adequate seating, somewhere for people to gather and chat whilst drinking coffee and making dinner. There should be enough natural light to make the room warm and welcoming, and there should be right kind of artificial light, to compliment the accessories and appliances that are within it. The work surface should be selected exactly to your needs, not only fitting in with your colour scheme, but also providing the right level of performance. Did you know that marble work surfaces are ideal for anyone who bakes on a regular basis? The constantly cool temperatures are a huge plus point when baking bread! It’s the small details that make up for a quality kitchen, and we are experienced in every aspect.

Keeping up With Modern Trends

Colour trends come and go, design changes come and go; our service for kitchen design in Norwich not only stays ahead of these modern trends, but provides a touch of the contemporary too, should you require it. Depending on the size and shape of your room, we can help you create a kitchen space that maximises the room to the maximum, incorporating the small details that you would perhaps overlook otherwise. For instance, it’s not all about colour scheme, it’s about the materials you use too, where you place the power points, the added extras that give you an extra sparkle to your room.

Put simply, we know our stuff, and the potential is endless when it comes to transforming your existing space. We would be only too happy to discuss with you in terms of what we can do for you and your kitchen.

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