The Benefits of Installing Fitted Kitchens in Norwich

There are several ways that you could furnish the kitchen within your home. Some homeowners choose to mix and match their cabinets and work surfaces, opting to purchase fixtures and finishes from a variety of manufacturers. Others might approach one retailer and order a selection of fittings from the same range.

As a leading supplier and installer of bespoke fitted kitchens, at Grays Fitted Furniture we believe that a kitchen should not only be functional but stylish too, in turn complementing the interior design scheme that is present throughout the rest of your home. And for us, the best way of achieving this is with a bespoke fitted kitchen which has been designed from the ground up.

Cohesive Kitchen Design and Functionality

When you have a fitted kitchen designed on your behalf, you are free to specify and choose every last aspect of its design. This not only includes the style of work surfaces and cabinets installed but the materials from which they’re made and their colour too.

Further still, designing your own kitchen allows you to take into account any constraints or limitations of the space, allowing you to design something that fits rather than buying something that has to be adapted to fit.

Perfectly Integrated Kitchen Appliances

One of the biggest benefits of a bespoke fitted kitchen is the ability to choose from a range of appliances that will be installed harmoniously and in keeping with the design of your kitchen.

This provides for the ability of being able to integrate your dishwasher, washing machine and any other appliances you wish into your kitchen units, with the option of hiding them behind perfectly crafted doors and screens if required.

As Neff Master Partners and Bosch main dealers, we work with the biggest and most respected names in the business when it comes to home appliances, ensuring that the appliances installed in your new kitchen are every bit as good as the rest of your kitchen.

A Single Point of Contact for Design, Installation and Aftercare

As a homeowner, there is nothing more frustrating than having to remember all of the suppliers, retailers and manufacturers that have had an input in the furnishing of your home.
The real test of anyone’s patience is usually experienced in the event of any element of your home failing and the subsequent need for you to arrange for a repair with the relevant party.

When you purchase a kitchen from us, you are guaranteed:

  • Personalised aftercare and a sole point of contact in the event that any defects arise.
  • A sole point of contact for the troubleshooting, repair or maintenance of every appliance that we supply and install on your behalf.

Grays Fitted Furniture: For Bespoke Kitchen Design in Norwich

If you’re in the market for a new kitchen, we can offer you our expertise in the design of the bespoke luxury kitchen of your dreams. For more information on original kitchen design and installation in Norfolk, call us today on 01603 860 694.

Alternatively, contact us online or pay us a visit at our showroom which is located at Unit 1 Drayton Industrial Park, Taverham Road, Drayton, Norwich, Norfolk, NR8 6RL.

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