What Can A Bespoke Furniture Company Offer You?

If you’re looking to renovate your home, working with a bespoke furniture company to design and plan the perfect space for you and your family is no doubt one of the best options available. Custom furniture lifts any home to a new level; you can take ownership of the creative process and create new spaces in the home which represent your style and taste, as well as offering efficient storage solutions.

A bespoke furniture company will work with you to understand exactly what you what and offer you as many options as possible. Once a design has been created, they’ll hand-build your new furniture with precision and skill using top quality materials. So, if you think your home needs a new look, why not invest in a professional fitted furniture service?

Here at Grays Fitted Furniture, we have over 50 years of experience fitting quality and cost-effective furniture, giving new life to our customers’ homes. Our expertise demonstrates that fitted furniture doesn’t just have to mean outdated, overbearing bedroom units like you’d see in a mobile home; it can look sleek and modern and can optimise any room in the house. Below, we explain the main options for custom furniture and what benefits come with using a bespoke furniture company.

What spaces can I update with handmade furniture?

If you thought fitted furniture was just for kitchens, you’re wrong. In fact, fitted shelving, drawers and cupboards can be installed in any space you need it to. It’s bespoke, so the options really are endless and you can make it work for any room in your home.


Probably the most popular use of custom furniture is for kitchens. A kitchen should fit around your family, not the other way around. With bespoke kitchen units, you can engineer everything down to the most finite details, from designing your cutlery drawer to creating a customised utility area. You can also discretely disguise your large appliances by integrating your fridge, freezer and dishwasher into the units. Whether you want an ultra-modern look with sleek lines or a homely space with a large kitchen island for everyone to gather around, a bespoke fitted design is the best way to create a kitchen that works for your lifestyle.


Another popular use of fitted furniture is for bedrooms. But do not fear, gone are the days of enormous fitted bedroom units that frame the bed and confine the space. With contemporary designs, your wardrobe space can blend seamlessly with the rest of the room without feeling overpowering. You can integrate shoe racks, scarf and tie hangers or even pull out clothes rails to make getting ready in the morning as convenient as possible. Bedroom fitted furniture is ideal for couples – rather than having two poorly fitting freestanding wardrobes, you can pick a side each and design it just for you.


Bathrooms are often one of the smallest rooms in the house, so maximising the space is essential. With fitted furniture, you can do just that. Plumbing can be integrated with handy storage spaces, so there’s no need to use up valuable storage elsewhere in the house. Another benefit of a bespoke bathroom is that you can also include electrical work like mirror lighting and shaver plugs, in the knowledge that it complies with safety regulations and is far enough away from water sources.

Living areas

If you’re an avid reader, why not create a home library by installing fitted furniture in your living room to store all of your books? Equally, if you’re a film fanatic or keen gamer, a bespoke furniture company can design an integrated entertainment unit for your television and sound system, creating an immersive experience whenever you pick up the remote. The wires and cables can be neatly tucked away so there are no hazards for children or pets. With bespoke furniture in your living spaces, you can leave the rest of the room for ‘living’, while the practicalities smartly frame the space for easy access.

Bespoke office furniture

If you work from home, or simply want a space away from the rest of the house to study or get some crucial admin done, having a home study is ideal. To create a space that fits your computer, along with all of your books, files and whatever else you need to work, installing a bespoke unit that encompasses everything you need will enable you to focus much better. Rather than a cluttered desk with stacks of paper and trailing cables, you can neatly store everything away into shelves and drawers, giving you space to think and be creative.

What are the benefits of bespoke furniture?

Hopefully, we’ve made it clear that the uses of bespoke furniture truly are limitless. With custom designs, you can recreate any space in your home. Whether it’s your entire kitchen diner or just a section of your hallway to keep shoes and coats out of the way, fitted furniture can profit your home and lifestyle in so many ways. Below we’ve laid out the key benefits of choosing a bespoke furniture company to redesign your home:

Optimise your space

If your furniture has been designed to fit your home, you’ll make the most out of the space you have – even those awkward gaps that you thought you couldn’t use. You can have shelving in alcoves, around chimney breasts or even higher up the wall maximise high ceilings. Equally, sliding doors are a great way to optimise floor space. You’ve also got the option to choose which side any door hinges sit so you won’t worry about doors crashing into each other. With fitted furniture, you’ll have the most efficient storage possible, making your home feel decluttered.

Tailored fit

A bespoke service means that your furniture is tailored for the structure of your home. Whether you have awkwardly shaped eaves or high A-frames, fitted furniture can be made to measure to fit any nook or cranny. This is ideal for period homes, where walls and floors are often not perfectly straight. In fact, fitted furniture will create the illusion that everything is in line, rather than standardised freestanding pieces that will only emphasise your crooked ceilings and floorboards.

Better quality

An important thing that fitted furniture ensures is quality. Because customised pieces are made to measure, they must be built by hand, ensuring a constant quality control process throughout the manufacturing process. Although you can get good quality stock products, they aren’t treated with the same care and attention and crucially, aren’t made with you in mind. With bespoke pieces, you can work with the designers and manufacturers at every step of the way to make sure they’re right. Fitted furniture is designed to be a long term investment for your home, so quality is always paramount.


An important benefit of bespoke fitted furniture is the personal involvement that you’ll have in deciding on the details. Not only can you be creative in choosing your own style, colours and finishes, but you can also make your new furniture fit your lifestyle. The designers will offer to add mirrors, lights, drawer dividers and a whole host of other convenient accessories to make sure you’re creating the most efficient storage space for you and your family. These handy additions are also very flexible; if you find yourself using certain things less than you thought, you can simply revamp them at any time to suit your needs without having to replace the entire unit.

Easy to maintain

Along with stunningly seamless designs, fitted furniture has some very practical benefits too. It requires far less maintenance than freestanding furniture and not just because of its quality. Fitted furniture eliminates gaps between walls and furniture which are normally a breeding ground for dust, dirt and cobwebs. You can throw away your feather duster and be rid of unused spaces that you constantly have to clean, like the useless space on top of your wardrobe or underneath your bedside table.

Grays Fitted Furniture: Quality materials and original design

To rejuvenate your home and create efficient, stylish and innovative storage spaces, look no further than Grays Fitted Furniture. We understand that a new kitchen, living room or bedroom unit is a costly investment, which is why we hand-build our bespoke furniture with top quality materials and provide excellent customer service, ensuring all of your needs are met. When you renovate your space with us, there’s no need for endless streams of different contractors coming in and out of your home; we’ll oversee the entire process including tiling, electrical work and plumbing. For a comprehensive, quality service, contact us today and we’ll create your vision.

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