Why choose bespoke furniture?

Every home should be a sanctuary in which one can relax and enjoy spending time in.

Whether you’re moving house or simply refurbishing your current home, furniture plays a significant role in the look and functionality of a room; and in fact, all rooms in a house.

It’s important, therefore to invest in furniture that lasts the test of time. Renewing furniture every few years because of poor quality or changing trends can be costly. Instead, investing in high quality, bespoke pieces is a great way to save money because of their quality and therefore longevity and can give your house that polished, luxury feel.

Why should you choose bespoke furniture over your run-of-the-mill, mass-produced items?

Read on to find out:

Advantages of designing and choosing bespoke furniture

Whilst it may be easy to run down to your local furniture chain which mass produces cheap furniture, there’s a lot of things that you can get from a bespoke furniture company that you wouldn’t otherwise. Here are some of the reasons why custom-made furniture trumps factory produced pieces:


High-quality materials are part of the package when using a bespoke furniture company.

Forget flatpack furniture which takes hours to assemble and just days to break, the materials used in a custom design are of the highest quality, designed to make your home look and function at its best.

You are able to choose the type of material you wish the piece to be made with, putting the power in your hands when it comes to the overall look. For example, you may think that an oak piece would give your living room that luxury feel, or perhaps you’d like your kitchen tops to be made in a material which can be easily cleaned. There are many options to choose from when it comes to choosing your uniquely designed furniture, made with your vision in mind.


Custom designed furniture is a cut above the rest in terms of quality. Pieces are made to measure and therefore are specifically designed to meet the needs of you, the customer.

Quality work means longevity. Factory produced furniture often breaks and damages easily and therefore may only last a few years. Custom made furniture usually lasts longer and is more durable, a true investment in the long term. Perhaps you could even pass on your personalised pieces from generation to generation?

Personal Service

Fitting your own furniture can be daunting. The thought of scratching a new piece of furniture whilst fitting it perfectly into place can be stressful. With bespoke furniture services, your pieces can be delivered and installed for you; saving you the anxiety of fitting it yourself. This becomes particularly useful when it comes to kitchen items for example, as they can be tricky to fit and require more than a couple of people to fit efficiently and to a high standard.

With custom designed furniture, you also benefit from a personalised service. Your requirements for your home are listened to by a professional team, and your furniture is tailored to meet your needs.


If you’re looking for a specific furniture item, it can take months to find the right pre-made piece. Scanning online websites or spending your weekends competing for a retail assistant’s attention can be tiring, stressful and time-consuming.

With bespoke designed furniture, you can have a piece tailored to your family’s needs. Whether you require more storage, or somewhere to store your bespoke family heirloom, you can have a piece designed with you, the homeowner, in mind.

You can really bring your personality into the home with bespoke furniture where you’re able to create a piece in your preferred style and to your taste- rejuvenating your home.


Do you have a kitchen that lacks the necessary storage for your growing or extended family? With bespoke kitchens, you can even enjoy built-in, custom-made storage designed so that your kitchen truly fits around you. Perhaps you like to spend time enjoying breakfast whilst watching some morning television in your kitchen? Get your kitchen island designed to incorporate this. Perhaps you want to completely remodel your kitchen to create a space you enjoy spending time as a family? Bespoke kitchens can be highly flexible to fit around your family’s needs.


Perhaps you have an oddly shaped room, an overflowing wardrobe or an awkwardly designed layout. Custom made furniture can help solve these issues. Utilise your room space by investing in custom designed pieces made to fit your room like a glove. Custom designed furniture is the perfect way to make your bedroom look as luxury as you wish.

Fitted wardrobes, specially designed dressing tables and built-in storage units are all wonderful assets you can expect from a bespoke furniture company. Professional furniture makers can accurately measure your furniture to make sure it fits exactly with your specifications.


If you’re someone who regularly works from home, you’ll understand the importance of a clean, organised study room with minimal distractions.

Study rooms may also be used as a base of entertainment, a homework room or library.

In this case, it’s beneficial to have maximum storage and your household technology integrated with the room. Unkept wires and stationary sprawled over your desk can make the whole room look untidy. With bespoke office furniture, your made-to-measure pieces are designed to fit in flawlessly with the room. Whether you’re after a well-designed bookcase to fit into a wall, a work desk with useful storage compartments or an entertainment desk to fit your family computer or television. Office rooms are often small and so making the most of the space is a great way to improve the overall look of the room.


Bathrooms should be a sanctuary in which you can relax and wind down after a long day. There’s nothing worse than coming home to a leaky, cold and cramped bathroom when you simply want to take a hot shower and relax. With bespoke services, you can have your bathroom designed perfectly for the room. So whether you’re working with a lot of space or a small toilet room underneath the stairs, your uniquely designed storage units can be made to fit appropriately.

Living Space

Living spaces are one of the most frequently used rooms in a house. Space where you can relax and enjoy family time after a long day at work.

Since living rooms are now 32% smaller than equivalent homes in the 1970s, it’s more useful than ever to utilise space properly.

With tailor-made furniture, awkward empty corners of your lounge can be filled with useful shelves, drawers or media cabinets. Your imagination comes to life with bespoke living room furniture, where you can design and consult a bespoke furniture company to produce a piece which you can be proud to show to your family and friends.

Grays Fitted Furniture: Quality, bespoke furniture in Norwich

At Grays Fitted Furniture, high quality is a standard we operate at. We have over 50 years experience in customer service so you can rest assured that when ordering bespoke furniture with us you’ll get exactly what you envision.

We design and build completely custom-made furniture, allowing you to express your own style into your home without going out of your way to look for something that suits your preferred style.

Not only do we offer design and planning services, we also have experienced fitters who can install your living room, bedroom, kitchen, study or bathroom furniture for you.

Our bespoke service makes us the obvious choice for your furniture requirements in and around Norfolk.

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