Why Choose a Modern Style For Your Kitchen Redesign

When it comes to kitchen renovation, there are two main styles to choose from: modern or traditional. Although it’s true that every kitchen is unique in both design and feel, it’s important to establish which of these styles best suits you so that you can plan the finer details accordingly.

As the name suggests, modern kitchens strive to be current and up to date with the latest technological and design advancements. This style of decor is becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners- but what is it that makes modern kitchens so appealing? Below, we explore the benefits of going contemporary when planning your kitchen redesign.

Maximising on space

If you’ve got a particularly small kitchen, opting for a modern style is definitely the ideal solution to open up the space. In a modern kitchen, everything has its own place so as not to create a chaotic atmosphere. These kitchens are often minimalistic in design and are fitted with practicality in mind. Handleless cupboards and drawers are becoming increasingly popular as they contribute to the smooth and seamless feel of a contemporary cooking space. So, if you’re looking to introduce some much-needed calm into your kitchen, a modern style is the way to go.

Sleek and chic

One of the best things about a modern kitchen is that it exudes style and sophistication. From state of the art kitchen appliances to high gloss finishes, these kitchens possess an effortless grandeur. Every aspect of design is kept simple and far from being boring, a modern kitchen is elegant and classy.

More functional

Traditional kitchens can often feel busy and cluttered with unnecessary knick-knacks, making for an undoubtedly stressful cooking experience. As previously mentioned, everything in a modern kitchen is tucked away neatly to facilitate fluid movement and create a more tranquil atmosphere. Tensions can often run high in a kitchen, so it’s important to make it an environment that inspires calm and focus. Modern kitchens promote practicality and often possess the most technologically advanced gadgets and appliances to ensure your meals go without a hitch.


Although there are a handful of features that characterise a modern kitchen, this style is extremely versatile and can be tweaked and adapted to suit the individual in question. If you’d like a modern kitchen with some traditional twists, why not deck out your kitchen with some wooden utensils and work surfaces to give it more of a homely feel? When it comes to your kitchen, it’s important to take the reins to ensure you’re happy with the end result and mixing and matching can often be the perfect solution.

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