Five Ways To Make A Cramped Bedroom Look And Feel Bigger

Regardless of whether you have just bought your first tiny flat in a Norwich suburb or just drawn the last straw with your uni flatmates and got the boxroom, you can agree that a small and cramped bedroom isn’t ideal. Check out these five ways to make your cramped bedroom look and feel bigger:



Mirrors are a relatively cheap way of making your bedroom look far bigger. Because they utilise light they can give the room an illusion of depth that isn’t really there. By placing a mirror across from your window, you can make the most of the light enters that your room.

If you’ve spent your student loan on alcohol and takeaway pizza or are a bit short this month, you might want to explore purchasing inexpensive reflective tiles or stickers instead of mirrors.


Cunning Storage

Bedrooms are more than just places to sleep; they are places to store belongings. By maximising your storage capabilities you can enjoy more free space. Key to this strategy is making your furniture serve multiple functions. For example, a blanket box can store a bunch of clothes or DVDs that you don’t use that much, while at the same time providing a surface to display your television and more.



All of us have belongings that we barely use – what’s the point in keeping them? A good rule for clothes, apart from things like suits etc, is that if you don’t wear them at least once a year you should chuck them away or give them to a charity shop. DVDs or god forbid VHS tapes might hold sentimental value but are they really worth the space that they occupy when you can just stream your movies or programmes over the internet?


Keeping Your Bedroom Tidy

We don’t want to sound like your mother, but it is amazing how much larger a room can feel when it is tidy. If you regularly leave clothes all over the floor or have plates strewn across all available surfaces, you are not only physically wasting space -you are making the place feel cramped too!


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