Maximise Your Space With Fitted Bedrooms

Built-in Wardrobes

The wardrobe is the most common piece of bedroom furniture to benefit from being fitted. With the relatively inexpensive nature of modern clothing compared to yesteryear, it’s very common for people to indulge in quite a lot of retail therapy by buying lots of clothes! If your wardrobe is bursting at the seams then it could be a sign that you need a fitted wardrobe. Everyone knows how annoying it can be during the morning work rush when you are trying to inch out that crammed-in coat hanger!

As probably the biggest single object in your bedroom, the efficiency of how a wardrobe is used can have an enormous effect on how much space you have left in the surrounding room. Conventional wardrobes are not efficient, with space being wasted above, behind and to the side of the clothes hanging area. Fitted wardrobes that go from the ceiling down to the floor not only look far tidier, but also usually offer double the space as free-standing versions. By being custom fitted to your bedroom, awkward spaces like nooks, crannies, beams, chimneys and skirting, are utilised for your own benefit.

If you do choose to invest in a fitted wardrobe, you should first consider its function by deciding what storage options you may require. This is an opportunity to think about how to easily and conveniently organise your belongings for easy location, rather than just trying to fit in as many things as possible. You should consider small drawers, shoe pull-outs and trouser rails for your ultimate convenient wardrobe.

If you’ve got the prerequisite property size and the cash to splash, why not think about installing a walk-in wardrobe? This way of getting ready for work or preparing a night out oozes sophistication and is also simultaneously very practical. A walk-in wardrobe can be built in an unused room or can be crafted to fit an existing space.


Fitted Desks

If your bedroom doubles as a study so that you can work from home, or perhaps you demand a large space so that you can apply your makeup in comfort, a fitted desk may be the answer.

A fitted desk can cut out the rigmarole of the daily commute whilst providing the warm comforts of home. With remote working becoming more popular amongst businesses around the country, making your own home office makes sense. The desk is the mainstay of the working environment where a computer, phone and working surface and much more can be located for a smooth and comfortable area to get busy.

An integrated home office desk, like a sit-stand desk, utilises the available space of your bedroom wisely but also provides ergonomic and well-being advantages. This allows you to work while sitting down or standing up comfortably with the desk at an adjusted height ideal for you.  A professional home office designer can carefully ascertain the proportions of your bedroom and integrate your personal measurements into the ideal storage and desk solution for you.

Everyone knows how messy a bedroom can get during the working week when clothes and belongings are strewn across all available spaces, so it’s vitally important that any office work is able to be tidally and efficiently stowed away at the end of each day. If you have lots of paper when you work at home, an integrated filing desk can offer unparalleled storage with its filing drawers and pull-out pilaster for all your files and important documents. Whatever your particular desk needs, a fitted desk from expert made-to-measure furniture designers can make it work for you. Whether its loads of shelving, a desk facing the window or subtle but accommodating storage, a fitted bedroom can solve it all with custom solutions from a bespoke furniture company.


Fitted Beds

The idea of having a fitted bed might bring up images of old caravans or hideously expensive city shoebox apartments, but it shouldn’t – fitted beds are a great way of saving space and can look effortlessly elegant if done well.

A fitted wall-bed naturally saves you a bunch of space and is ideal for tiny bedrooms but is also very useful if the room is large. By making the most of unused vertical space up one of your walls, a bed won’t be in the way when you are not sleeping in the bedroom while also taking up very little space. Wall-beds don’t have a great reputation but don’t let cheap, old and badly-made ones put you off; modern fitted wall-beds can be reliable, comfortable and built from slick technology. With a durable design, a reputable manufacturer and a lifetime guarantee, you have a great night’s sleep! Thanks to the customisation that furniture fitters offer, you can get your fitted wall-bed to be the exact size you want, fitted to a custom cabinetry unit, in a huge range of distinctive woods, in an open or closed storage option or even constructed with built-in illumination so that you can read. You can also design it so it matches your room’s decor perfectly so that the fitted wall-bed become an integral part of your room’s style rather than sticking out like a sore thumb.

A trundle bed is a low bed with wheels which allows it to be kept under a conventional bed. If you often have guests or family staying over at your house regularly, this is a superb option to accommodate them comfortably. Not only do they take up hardly any room, but they are also immensely convenient as they can just be slid out with a minimum of fuss.


Other Fitted Custom Furniture

When you think fitted bedroom furniture, it is invariably wardrobes, beds and desks that probably spring to mind. There are however other fitted furniture opportunities that you can utilise to make your bedroom that much better.

Fitted bedroom cabinets, often mounted on walls, are a sophisticated addition to any bedroom. Their installation is an excellent space-saving solution as it alleviates floor space to make your bedroom appear bigger and less cluttered.

Fitted mirrors are also an option. Full-length mirrors are considered vital bedroom pieces as they give you a more accurate depiction of what you look like and if your clothing choices work. They can sometimes be hard to position in a crowded bedroom, however, especially as you need a decent amount of distance between you and the mirror surface to get the full picture. Fitted mirrors utilise unused space, such as the back of a door, wardrobe or whole wall to prevent clutter, provide enough distance while potentially offering different angles when combined with other mirrors.


Grays Fitted Furniture

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