Organise Your Closet With Bespoke Wardrobes

A bespoke fitted wardrobe is fast becoming a staple part of the modern home and it’s not difficult to see why. Whereas free-standing closets create gaps of useless space above and behind them, fitted wardrobes are specifically designed to insert perfectly into your preferred area to make the best use of all available space. Whether you have a sloped ceiling or an awkward corner that’s seemingly redundant, a bespoke wardrobe can be constructed based on even the most specific requirements, ensuring it fits in seamlessly to any bedroom.

Fitted wardrobes come with a myriad of benefits and in addition to maximising space, they also allow you to organise and store your clothes in a way that suits your lifestyle. Free-standing closets are often limited in terms of storage and when shopping around, it can be difficult to find a wardrobe that perfectly matches your requirements. This is one of the main reasons that many homeowners go for the fitted option as these wardrobes can be created to exact specifications, ensuring your needs never have to be compromised.

Trying to juggle the various aspects of a busy day-to-day schedule can be challenging for even the most organised individual and with this in mind, anything that can be done to streamline your day is essential. This is another thing that makes fitted wardrobes so desirable as they contain clever storage solutions for your clothing, enabling you to select an outfit and prepare for the day ahead with ease.

Making the decision to have a fitted wardrobe installed is bound to benefit you in a number of different ways, however, this rests heavily on how you choose to design your new closet. From rails and shelves to drawers and accessories, there are tons of things to consider when selecting your layout and it’s essential to consider your lifestyle carefully to ensure your new wardrobe ticks all the boxes.

So, to guarantee you end up with a wardrobe that exceeds all expectations, we’ve made a list of a few features to consider for your bespoke closet when renovating your bedroom.

Walk-in wardrobes

For those with a passion for fashion, a walk-in wardrobe is the stuff of dreams. After years of stuffing your various garments in a cramped chest of drawers, you finally have the space you need to display your clothes proudly and properly deliberate over your outfit choices. Whether you require rows of racks for your impressive collection of footwear or you need ample rail space for an array of tailored suits, this will be taken into account by craftsmen and they’ll be able to create a walk-in wardrobe that suits your lifestyle down to the finest detail.

A walk-in wardrobe is a space dedicated to trying on clothes as well as storing them and with this in mind, it’s essential to make sure it’s fit for purpose. Free-standing wardrobes can often be quite dingy inside and as a result, you may have found it difficult in the past to find the clothes you want, especially at night or early in the morning. However, with a bespoke walk-in wardrobe, you can have tailored lighting installed to ensure the space is lit to perfection and, for a wardrobe that boasts that wow factor, you could install lights in different compartments and cabinets that are triggered to turn on whenever the doors are opened. In addition, you may also want to consider implementing a full-length mirror and a dressing table in order to create your very own dressing room.

Shoe racks

Whether you choose a walk-in wardrobe or a simple fitted closet, it can be customised to suit your specific requirements such as extensive storage for a large collection of shoes. Gone are the days of lining numerous pairs of shoes up by the door as, with a bespoke wardrobe, you can have racks built into the structure so that all your shoes are neatly displayed and ready to wear. Again, this will help maximise space in other areas of your property and further to this, it makes the process of picking an outfit for the day much simpler.

Tie drawers

If you’re someone who is required to dress formally for work, it’s likely you’ll need ample rail space to hang your garments so that they don’t get creased and in addition to this, you may need a specialist storage space for your work ties. Ties can be awkward garments to store and as a result, they often get shoved in a drawer and forgotten about or draped round a hanger in an untidy fashion. However, with a bespoke fitted wardrobe, you have the option to include drawers specifically dedicated to the storage of ties. These drawers are separated into sections to display each individual tie and they enable you to display them neatly so that when it comes to making your selection, you can choose your tie with ease.

In addition to ties, you could also have specially crafted drawers to display your shirts. In fact, if a wardrobe rail simply isn’t for you, you could have shelves and drawers to display all your garments from shirts and ties to trousers and socks. Implement sliding mechanisms to make shelves of clothing appear as if from nowhere and, once you’ve made your outfit selection, your shelves and drawers can be gently tucked back into your wardrobe until they’re next needed. You could even combine these with sliding wardrobe doors for an ultra-modern look that’s both stylish and space-saving.

Whether you’ve got a vast selection of ties or an array of different handbags, it’s essential to tailor your storage solutions to your specific needs, ensuring your wardrobe suits your lifestyle perfectly.

Tucked away vs on display: how to arrange your built-in wardrobe

When choosing storage solutions for your bespoke wardrobe, it’s essential to consider how you’d like your clothing to appear in your wardrobe. Perhaps you have an abundance of perfectly put-together outfits that you’d like to display proudly, or maybe you’d rather have your items neatly folded and tucked away. Whatever your preferences, it’s essential to assess them carefully so that you can plan your wardrobe layout accordingly.

From racks and rails to drawers and cabinets, there are tons of innovative ways to display and store your clothes and the key is finding the ones that suit both your style preferences and lifestyle.

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