How to Plan the Perfect Kitchen with Bespoke Kitchen Designs

With bespoke kitchen installation, you can plan the kitchen that you’ve always wanted. Experienced fitters can craft quality cabinets and counters, providing you with unique, original furniture for your kitchen.

If you’re having trouble planning your renovations, use the following steps to build the perfect kitchen.

Decide Which Features You Want Most

Everyone has one or two kitchen features that he or she has always wanted. Perhaps you’ve always wanted a kitchen island. You may also have a specific style in mind for your new kitchen cabinets. Consider the features that you want most or browse online for ideas.

When planning fitted kitchens, it also helps to consider your likes and dislikes. Think about your current kitchen layout. If you are constantly hitting your elbow on a specific counter, designers may find an alternate option or custom counters that provide more space.

You should also think about how you tend to use your kitchen. Do you want a spot to prepare meals or do you want an area to sit and eat? Designers may be able to incorporate a breakfast nook or seating area for eating meals.

Start Discussing Your Kitchen Plans

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. If you want to give your kitchen the update that it deserves, you should consider working with professionals to build your dream kitchen.

Experienced craftspeople can build custom furniture, cabinets, and cupboards tailored to meet your needs. They assist with every step of your new kitchen design. Remember to discuss the features that you want to see in your new kitchen along with what you like or dislike about your current kitchen.

With bespoke fitted kitchens, designers can help plan a completely new layout for your kitchen or simply update the cabinets and counters. The amount of change that you want is up to you.

Select the Latest Kitchen Appliances

Partnering with experienced fitters also provides access to the latest kitchen appliances. At Grays Fitted Furniture, we are Neff Master Partners and Bosch main dealers.

Neff is one of the leading manufacturers of high-end kitchen appliances including the latest fridges, freezers, and oven ranges. Bosch also produces quality appliances available with attractive designs to match the aesthetics of your custom kitchen design.

When planning the layout of your new cabinets and counters, the designers account for the size of the new kitchen appliances. This ensures that everything fits and works well together for a completely new look for your kitchen.

At Grays Fitted Furniture, we have years of experience helping homeowners with custom design solutions. Contact us today for original kitchen design and installation in Norfolk. Call 01603 860 694 or submit a contact form to inquire about bespoke kitchen designs.

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