Stylish Ideas For The Modern Cabinets In Your Home

A kitchen cabinet might not have the varied capabilities of the oven or boast the technology of the refrigerator, but they are undoubtedly the unsung heroes of the kitchen! A lack of adequate storage or an ugly finish can make or break both the functionality and the aesthetic quality of the most important room in your house, so it is important to not ignore the humble cabinet when updating your kitchen.

Cabinets are one of the biggest influences on the decor of your kitchen. When people think of updating the style of their kitchens they might focus on the appliances or the furniture, but they forget that the cabinet makes up the majority of the surface area of the kitchen. The material that they are made from doesn’t always have to be the same the worktop or match it, but it is imperative that they complement each other. The appearance of the cabinets is the first thing that people see when they come into your kitchen for the first time, so it naturally has a huge impact on the look, feel and atmosphere of the entire room. Clever use of your materials can give your kitchen certain qualities or a vibe that can transform the whole atmosphere.

When looking to update your kitchen, the first thing you should consider is the cabinets – and then go from there. When choosing the look of your kitchen cabinets you should consider these factors:

Solid Wood Furniture

Choosing the material of your modern kitchen cabinet is one of the most important decisions you have to make when updating your kitchen. Your eventual decision should be intimately involved with what kind of style you like and the overall atmosphere that you want to create.

Artificial materials such as plastic composites are often inexpensive and have a range of features such as maintenance and ‘wipeability’ that traditional materials may lack. On the other hand, what looks better than a real wood kitchen cabinet? Though plywood is used for cheaper carpentry, the majority of kitchen cabinets are made from maple, mahogany and poplar. Typically, plywood is used for the inside of the cabinet with the more expensive wood used as the door where it can be seen. Nothing beats the authentic look of real wood and it is usually a must if you demand a traditionally styled kitchen. For a durable and hard-wearing cabinet, you should choose a hardwood such as maple, ash or oak.

Different Colours

Colour is probably the first thing that you notice when you walk into a kitchen, and as the cabinets make up the majority of the room, the colour of the cabinets is crucial. Choosing a colour is more than just a style choice – it is intimately tied up with a person’s perception of mood. White, for example, gives the impression of cleanliness and efficiency, while reddish tones may emote passion. Knowing what mood you want to convey in your kitchen is key in choosing which colour to make your kitchen. Despite this, you should always be aware of the colours around the rest of the house – it can be quite incongruous if you have a house decorated in pastel tones when your kitchen is black!

If you choose darkish tones, the kitchen will give out a traditional vibe. A white or cream, on the other hand, can make it appear fresh and contemporary. Pastel colours can give out a calm and almost pastoral atmosphere.

You should also not consider the colour in isolation when choosing a shade. You should make a sound judgement by weighing up the amount of natural light and artificial light that the kitchen cabinet is going to receive. If you have a naturally dark kitchen without access to much natural light from the window, then a black or dark wood coloured kitchen can definitely make the room appear a bit like a dungeon – which most people don’t think is a great look!

Kitchen Size

During all the excitement of deciding what style of kitchen cabinet you want, you should always be aware of practical considerations, such as kitchen size. Dark colours, for example, can make a room look smaller, so if you already have a small kitchen you probably want to stick to lighter tones.

Kitchen size and storage are also intimately linked. Certain kitchen types such as a galley type kitchen are naturally quite sparse with available space, so you have to be economical. If you don’t have enough storage, you could be left with all manner of appliances, cooking utensils and food being sat on the kitchen top. This state of affairs can leave your kitchen looking very messy and can definitely ruin the look you are going for! Proper kitchen design should maximise whatever available space, with drawers and shelves, arranged in a way that is easy for you to reach conveniently.

Customising Your Kitchen Units

One of the best advantages of customising your kitchen cabinets in a bespoke kitchen, is all the things you can do with glass. Glass or other clear materials provide an effect that can’t be reproduced with any other material. Not only does it provide practical benefits such as being able to clearly see what the kitchen cabinet contains before you open it, it allows you to be playful with light. Glass or frosted glass can also help give an illusion of space, which is very useful in small kitchens. Thankfully, you can get your kitchen cabinets customised by certain companies that allows you to pick your favourite style or material but still benefit from the installation of glass or clear plastic.

Another benefit of customisation is the installation of electric lights. Naturally, there are significant practical benefits to this, such as being able to see what you are searching for when trying to find that one vital ingredient stuck behind a wall of tins. However, the installation of electric lights can also bring with it a multitude of stylistic possibilities. Mood lighting can instantly create a warmer and more intimate atmosphere in your kitchen, with interesting shadows playing across the entire room. By using combining strategically placed LEDs with glass can also create a very visually arresting look for a contemporarily styled kitchen.

Kitchen cabinets can also be handily utilised in a kitchen island; a piece of furniture that holds many functional benefits as well as bringing a certain aesthetic that many people enjoy. Features such as additional wineracks, handy shelves and modifications to easily conceal unsightly applications such as toasters or cafetieres are excellent ideas. Things such as drawers can be custom designed too, which is mighty convenient for the storage of kitchen utensils, fancy silverware or cutlery.

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