Ten Simple Tips To Put The Spring Back Into Home After Winter

As the snow melts and the days start getting longer, you might look at your house and think that it needs an update for spring. With the gardens of Norwich starting to bloom and the sun blazing through your windows you might start looking at your home differently – why not liven up your residence this week with some of these simple tips?


What better way to let the new season’s sun light up your room, than a sparkling clean pane glass? Mould, dirt and unseen grime can build up during the dark winter months, so get some cleaner and wipe that window!


Hanging mirrors around the house are always a good idea because they naturally make a room appear bigger. With the summer sun shining through your windows, why not spread it around with some tasteful new mirrors?


Like some kind of furry hibernating animal, it is natural to start hoarding over the winter. Try decluttering every room, one at a time, to make the most of your space and give your home a fresh start.


What’s better on a cold night than slipping into a warm bed with rain pattering outside? Keeping warm at winter is a must, which is why we often get out the big guns during winter – a thick duvet, a hot water bottle, your onesie. When the weather starts getting better, however, you’re going to start getting too hot. Get out that lighter duvet and spoil the bed to a new set of cotton sheets.


Nothing says spring more than the flowering of some beautiful plants – why should your home be any different? Plants play to our primal instincts for natural surroundings and make us happy. Not only do they look pretty and can form an essential part of your new decor, but they can also clean the air and generally make your home a nicer place to be.

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