Ten Tasteful Ideas For Your Bed

There’s no denying it – the bed is the best place in the house! Not only is it the comfiest spot that you know of but it’s also the centrepiece of the bedroom. The majority of people think that styling their bed starts and ends at throwing a duvet at it with a couple of pillows – they are so wrong! Building your own stylish nest is the aim of any bedroom and there are actually a million different things that you can do to achieve this. Check out our ten tasteful tips for your bed:


The Bohemian look is ideal if you value comfort above all. With lots of rugs and layers, you can achieve a hippie vibe while feeling snug and warm for winter. Throws and a multitude of cushions everywhere can nail the bohemian style as long as you hit the prerequisite North African themed patterns.


If you consider yourself an energetic and creative person you might want to think about an eclectic bed style. By mixing and matching different items and patterns, you can create a vibrant if chaotic theme that is both inviting and full of character. Despite the contrasting features of the eclectic style, you should try and be quite conservative with the colours as too many contrasting primary tones can lead to a headache. Stick to gentle pastels or one standard colour and you’ll have a wonderful look in no time.


Vintage is a bed style that can be hard to achieve but wondering if you pull it off. Searching for matching vintage items can be quite challenging (especially if you are only hitting the charity shops) but online platforms such as eBay can make the process easier and more enjoyable. Combining slightly differing styles from different eras can produce an eclectic feel, but at the same time, it can be a good way of expressing your own personality.


Some people hate clutter and want everything as neat and tidy as possible. This is where a minimalist bed setup comes in; by employing simple layers and white linen combined with some pastel coloured cushions, you can create a bedroom style that is both clean and inviting.

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