How To Throw The Perfect Dinner Party In A Modern Kitchen

There are few social occasions more enjoyable than preparing a sumptuous meal and enjoying it with your best friends (with a bottle of wine!). Today, people are enjoying dinner parties more than ever with cooking becoming ever more popular and the emergence of TV shows such as Come Dine With Me. But what’s the best way to host a dinner party? People who host them want to provide their guests with a great time while proudly showing off their culinary and entertaining skills.

Here is our guide to hosting a modern dinner party:

Kitchen Or Dining Room?

The dinner party of today tends to be a less formal affair. The emergence of combined kitchen and dining room areas in modern housing makes the dinner party of the present day, a more inclusive affair. In the past, dinner parties used to be an echo of the Victorian era; a time when people sat a large table while their host of servants prepared the food in the kitchen and served it to them. Nowadays, the act of cooking itself is half the enjoyment, so in these equalitarian times, the person preparing the food usually does so in the company of his or her guests. Having a dinner party in your dining room is excellent for formal events but for most people, a dinner party is having fun with friends – which makes the kitchen the ideal place to host one!


For most people, the most challenging part of hosting a dinner party is to prepare your food speedily and well while also being able to keep your guests entertained at the same time. Like most things in life, preparation is key – become a kitchen planner! If you have a partner or housemate to help you arrange the dinner party you can get them to help with the food or keep the guests entertained so you aren’t rushed off your feet.

You should prepare as much of the food as possible before the guests arrive. Microwaving the majority of the food is obviously a no-no, but guests don’t expect to see you slaughtering a cow for the main course or reaping wheat from the garden for the bread rolls. If you chop the vegetables before the guests arrive or start the stew as soon as you get home from work, you’ll have more time to cook and be able to socialise while preparing the dinner.

Technology In Kitchen Design

When you are hosting a lot of people by yourself, or you are making a complicated set of dishes, you can sometimes get so rushed off your feet and stressed that you can forget to have fun yourself. By investing in contemporary kitchen design with its modern technology, there is all manner of conveniences that can make hosting a breeze.


By investing in a huge American style fridge you can have the space to prepare food and keep it all ready to go and refrigerated, no matter how much food or the number of guests. It’s also perfect for keeping bottles of Sauvignon Blanc and Prosecco cool.


A good quality modern oven is a must if you want to avoid accidents when rushed off your feet, cooking food for a large table of people. The intuitive controls of the modern oven help you evade smoke alarms and blackened bits of cinder ruining you and your guests’ evening.

Ovens nowadays are very flexible with all manner of different capabilities – ideal if you like trying different cuisines and cooking styles from around the world. You don’t to be worrying about your oven burning your culinary masterpiece while you are socialising with your guests. It also goes without saying that a larger oven is more convenient as you can cook more food at once, improve your speed and make it easier to keep your prized creations warm. Some modern ovens such as the Bosch Series 8 steamer oven allow you to prepare different courses all at once by using three separate levels – you can even make dessert simultaneously! You also no longer have to worry about stinky fish or other smelly food ruining the delicate flavours of your next dish, as a powerful extractor fan can clean the airy palate of your kitchen.

Technology has moved so fast that you can now control your oven via the wifi on your smartphone – just the ticket if you need to lower the heat on the hob while reciting one of your favourite hilarious anecdotes.

Kitchen Units

There are few things worse than spending thousands on a spanking posh new kitchen, and then accidentally making a burn mark or a knife scratch while using it. Investing in incredibly strong and durable countertops using modern materials can however ensure that your kitchen will always look as new as it did when you bought it.


Most people have a smaller kitchen than they would like and it is a problem that becomes more apparent when you are hosting a dinner party. By having more space you can get things done more quickly which is why everyone should try and keep their cooking spaces as free as possible.

Nothing can keep your kitchen uncluttered as effectively as a pantry. Getting one put in is a rather large step, so if you can’t some modern kitchen features can certainly help!

Wardrobe tall cabinets with LED lit interiors are marvellous at hiding the coffeemaker and the toaster. Some can even be big enough to hide the oven while being customised so that they coordinate with the colour and style of your kitchen.

A kitchen island in the middle of your kitchen is also a highly effective way of conserving space in a tight kitchen. Modern versions are able to expand and contract according to your particular needs; some even incorporate a cooktop and a sink. It is also worth considering modifying parts of your standard cooktops so that they can be pulled out, giving you even more options.

Laying The Table

Aside from providing tasty food and a rapier-sharp wit to impress your guests, there are a number of other presentation elements that can make your dinner party enjoyable and one to remember.

Eating from a table is more than just providing a table cloth and a bunch of trough-like plates for your guests to chow down from. Setting the scene on your table is an important task; try some strategic placement of candles, a tasteful vase of flowers and a pot of herbs.

By choosing tableware that complements your chosen food, you can emphasise the background of your cuisine, match its colours and tones, and show off those fancy plates and silver cutlery that you inherited from your great aunt.

The days of everyone sat straight-backed in a three-piece suit or a flowery dress, carefully choosing which knife of seven to use with a particular dish are long gone. Eating with friends should be an informal and fun event – why not prepare a dish that everyone is involved in? With a communal atmosphere, you can have an old fashioned sharing platter with lots of shared condiments, sauces and sides.

You can also create a relaxed and fun vibe by using strategic lighting with lamps in the corner, some candles or a dimmer switch. If your friends are die-hard music lovers you can also get them to make a playlist and play it over Spotify so you can eat and socialise listening to your favourite tunes.

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