The Top Benefits of Fitted Wardrobes

Since the dawn of interior design, decorators have been installing fitted wardrobes in homes of all shapes and sizes, offering homeowners a vast array of benefits. Bespoke wardrobes are the perfect storage solution- they’re efficient and organised, and can make an otherwise untidy space look uncluttered and orderly.

Here at Grays Fitted Furniture, we proudly install fitted wardrobes for a range of customers and experience first-hand the benefits they can bring to a person’s home. Whether you’re building an entirely new home from scratch and you’re after effective storage solutions or you’re just looking to upgrade your battered old free-standing storage, installing fitted furniture is without a doubt the best route to take.

Below, we describe just a few of the many benefits that fitted furniture provides.

Suitable for every room in your home

One of the first and most impressive advantages of bespoke furniture is that it will look right at home in pretty much any room in your house. Whilst the most popular location for fitted wardrobes is in the bedroom and kitchen, we’ve installed built-in storage in bathrooms, living rooms, home offices and even hallways.

In the bedroom, a fitted wardrobe offers maximum space to store your clothes, shoes and accessories without encroaching too much on your floor space. If you share a bedroom, you can have both sets of clothes neatly stored in a built-in wardrobe rather than two bulky cabinets that take up lots of space.

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home, and whilst homeowners love their kitchens to be aesthetically pleasing, it’s absolutely essential that the kitchen is practical and functional too. Whether you want a spacious family kitchen to entertain guests or your kitchen space is limited to a galley style, fitted cabinets can be designed to solve every awkward corner or space. And, when you get bored of the finish, you can simply replace the cabinet doors with a fresh new design.

Whilst bathrooms are usually the most compact rooms in the house, this doesn’t mean that the space can’t be utilised to store everything you need, from cleaning products to children’s bath toys. Bespoke furniture can be built to fit around your bathroom’s facilities, such as sleek below-sink cabinets and shallow wall cabinets to fit in even the tightest of spaces.

If you have a large collection of books, CDs, DVDs or ornaments, installing fitted furniture in your living areas could be the most effective way to display your worldly possessions without the need for cumbersome cabinets taking over your space. Built-in shelves are particularly ideal for home offices, offering plenty of effective storage for your documents, books and files.

A tailored solution that utilises your space

Probably one of the most obvious benefits of bespoke wardrobes is that they are made to measure. They are designed to optimise the layout of your home and are measured to fit perfectly. After all, there’s nothing worse than the anxiety of purchasing a free-standing storage unit, packing it into your car and lugging it up the stairs, only to find it doesn’t actually fit.

Whether you live in a new build with simple rectangular shaped rooms or a quirky period property with awkward alcoves, sloping ceilings and uneven floors, a fitted wardrobe specialist can measure your space and ensure that your furniture fits perfectly. Not only does this free up your floor space, but it also offers the maximum amount of storage space.

Maximum storage space

By utilising your existing layout, fitted wardrobes offer the maximum amount of storage space possible. Most built-in wardrobes take up the entire space from the floor to the ceiling, offering maximum height; you can hang your full-length dresses and even fit a basket or box for your shoes underneath too!

Similarly, fitted wardrobes offer maximum depth too. With a free-standing wardrobe, you’ll always end up with the inevitable gap between the back of the wardrobe and the wall, however, most built-in units don’t actually have a back panel, offering you the optimum depth to store larger boxes and baskets.

Whilst finding a free-standing wardrobe that fits snugly into the alcoves on either side of your fireplace can be satisfying, the chance of finding the perfect fit is unlikely, not to mention the time and effort spent measuring wardrobes in furniture shops. With a fitted wardrobe, your storage space benefits from the optimum width of your alcoves, with no useless gaps either side.

Materials and finishes to complement your style

Another benefit of investing in bespoke fitted furniture is that you can choose almost any style or finish to suit your interior design tastes. You are very much a part of the design process and can choose everything from the finish on the doors to the door handles so that it’s in sync with the rest of the decor in your home.

For the contemporary home, why not opt for a colourful high gloss finish with sleek, stainless steel handles? Or, if you prefer a more traditional look, you could choose wooden panel doors with ornate detailing. To make your wardrobe finish functional, you could even opt to have full-length mirrors mounted onto one, two, or all of the front panels- this will also give the illusion that the space is bigger than it actually is!

Make cleaning your home simpler and more efficient

Not only will a fitted storage solution keep clutter at bay, but it will also make your spring clean a much simpler process too. Unlike with a free-standing wardrobe, there are no irksome gaps which inevitably collect and gather dust, making the task of cleaning your home that bit more difficult. There’ll no longer be a need to invest in strange, long-handled cleaning contraptions or risk life and limb on unstable step ladders to try and dust those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies.

Make the most of your floor space with a sliding wardrobe

If your house doesn’t boast substantial square footage, you may think that adding large fitted wardrobes into an already cramped space is counterproductive. However, because built-in furniture is designed to fit your space perfectly, you’ll actually end up optimising the space you have.

What’s more, with fitted wardrobes you have the option to choose whatever opening and closing functions you like, meaning that you can choose something to make the most of your floor space. Crucially, if you’re installing a fitted wardrobe in a more compact room, opt for sliding doors; you won’t need to keep space clear in front of your wardrobe doors as they’ll glide effortlessly into themselves, rather than out into the room.

Customise your storage solutions

When you install a bespoke fitted wardrobe, you have the benefit of creating a custom configuration that works for you. By customising the storage accessories which are added to your unit, you can ensure that everything suits your specific requirements; whether you need integrated lighting, lots of hanger space or rows and rows of shoe racks, your chosen fitted furniture specialist can ensure that your wardrobe is perfect for you.

Built-in wardrobes are cost-effective

The final benefit of installing bespoke furniture in your home is that it’s a cost-effective storage solution that will stand the test of time. Free-standing furniture which, although may initially cost less, is far less likely to last as long as a sturdy unit of fitted furniture. Furthermore, when you get bored of the look of your built-in wardrobes, you can change up the finish simply by swapping the front panels for a fresh new style.

On top of this, fitted furniture can actually be a worthy investment for when you come to sell your home. Potential buyers will see how the space can be efficiently used, and also won’t need to worry about trying to fit their existing pieces into the dimensions of your property.

Grays Fitted Furniture: Experienced bespoke furniture specialists here to optimise the space in your home

Here at Grays Fitted Furniture, we’re proud of our breadth of skills and experience in installing bespoke fitted furniture solutions in homes across Norwich. Our team of skilled craftsmen will work closely with you to understand your requirements so that they can then design, plan and build your dream furniture to suit your own personal styles and tastes. Whether you wish to upgrade your kitchen, transform your bedroom or optimise the space in your bathroom, no job is too big or small for our team of experts.

Once we’ve created your design, our team of skilled fitters will ensure that your new units are fitted perfectly in place, both efficiently and conveniently. So, if you want to transform your home and reap the benefits of quality built-in furniture, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today.

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