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Whether your office is at home or in a commercial building, it needs to be a space that inspires both concentration and hard work. There are many things that contribute towards a productive working environment and sometimes, even the slightest imbalance can affect your performance considerably. For example, an increase in noise levels can often make it difficult to focus and work can suffer as a result.

Whilst there are many things that can have a profound effect on productivity in a workspace, the layout and contents of your office are of crucial importance. Studies have shown that clutter can have a negative impact on your concentration, resilience and even your mood, and objects such as phones and televisions can be extremely distracting when trying to knuckle down. With this in mind, it’s essential to build an environment that’s tailored to your particular needs, and what better way to accomplish this than with fitted office furniture?

As the name suggests, fitted office furniture is specially designed and built to fit perfectly in to particular spaces, helping to make the most of the space available. From tight corners to small alcoves, an office can be full of awkward spaces that have previously been useless. However, with fitted office furnishings, you can make use of every inch of space, ensuring your office is being used to its maximum potential.

Below, we delve into the many ways in which fitted office furniture promotes productivity, helping you to create an environment that inspires dedication and ultimately boosts your career.

Bespoke office furniture makes for a tidier environment

‘Tidy room, tidy mind’ is a phrase that rings true for many of us and, as mentioned previously, studies have been done that clearly support this logic. A cluttered or busy working environment can be highly distracting and as a result, it can cause your mind to wander off course.

In addition to affecting your state of mind, a messy office can also physically affect your ability to work. For example, if there’s something you require for a project but cannot find amidst the mess, this will interrupt your flow and, if you’re on a role, it can be difficult to get back on track after a delay.

If you work in a particularly small study, it’s likely you’ll need all the space you can get which is where fitted office furniture provides the perfect solution. These furnishings are designed to slot perfectly into particular spaces and as a result, you’ll find that your office feels a lot bigger and less cluttered.

Further to this, one of the great things about any sort of bespoke furniture is you can customise specific features to suit your needs. For example, if you require lots of storage space for documents or office equipment, this can be incorporated into the layout, ensuring your items can be safely tucked away rather than being piled up untidily. Also, if you have a tangle of unsightly wires you want to conceal, your furniture can be specially designed with this criterion in mind.

Not only can fitted furniture make an office look tidier on the surface, but it can also increase space, promote comfort and allow you to navigate around your office with ease, ensuring your work days are both smooth and stress-free.

An office that’s tailored to your needs

An office space lends itself to a variety of different business ventures and, further to this, we all have our own individual ways of working. For example, while some people find that music aids concentration, for many, it’s a distraction to be avoided. With these facts in mind, it’s essential for your office to suit both your job and your working style down to a tee- but what’s the best way to achieve this?

Fitted office furniture can be designed to exact specifications so that not only does it fit in perfectly to specific spaces, but it also fits in perfectly with your way of working. Perhaps you need a place that you can retire to every now and then for a much-needed break away from your desk, in which case, a sofa can be installed in the study. Maybe you find that working with a view improves your creativity, so you’d like your office desk to be installed next to a window. Whatever your preferences, an expert team of office fitters will be able to combine their expertise with your design specifications to create a space that’s suited to your individual needs, thereby promoting productivity.

Comfort is another crucial factor to take into consideration as feeling restless or uncomfortable can be extremely distracting and, for those with any existing injuries, an unsupportive chair or awkwardly placed computer screen could make the issue worse. However, when you hire professional office fitters, they will take your specific needs into account. From providing chairs that improve posture to recommending adjustable monitor risers to reduce neck strain, professional office fitters will kit your study out with furniture that promotes well-being and in turn, encourages hard word.

Fitted office furniture improves organisation

Although it’s a point that’s already been touched upon, it’s an important one to make. In many job roles, organisation is crucial to success and with the wrong furnishings, you may find that your office space has become somewhat hectic and stressful. So, to establish some order amidst the chaos, why not purchase furniture that’s specifically designed for your space? You could have a filing cabinet that’s built to exact specifications so that you can locate documents with ease.

Alternatively, if you require lots of books for your job (or your studies), you could install built-in bookcases that allow you to alphabetise your collection. In addition to keeping the office floor free from clutter and obstruction, this will allow you to locate particular texts with ease, thereby streamlining your daily work routine.

From cupboards and drawers to shelves and hooks, there are plenty of things that can be built and implemented to make an office more organised and, what’s more, professionals in the industry can custom-make items to ensure they fit in perfectly with both your office space and job role.

Whether you’d like a custom-built computer desk or a full office revamp, rely on the experts at Grays Fitted Furniture

At Grays Fitted Furniture, we specialise in creating unique studies and office spaces that are tailored to the needs of each individual. Perhaps you work at home on a daily basis, or maybe you’re currently studying and need a space to revise. Whatever your requirements, we’ll combine our experience with your design ideas to create a layout that’s both practical and visually enhances your property.

In addition to home offices, we also design, create and install fitted kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and living spaces and using custom furniture, we are truly able to build your dream home. As well as creating these tailor-made spaces, we also offer a planning and design service completely free of charge to ensure no stone is left unturned when renovating your property.

If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to design your home office, why not visit our showroom in Drayton? Alternatively, contact us today and one of our experts will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about our services.

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