Is the kitchen the most important room in the house? We at Grays Fitted Furniture think so! The kitchen needs to be both aesthetically pleasing to the eye while being massively functional; this is why we specialise in offering only the finest in bespoke kitchen design and installation for our varied range of customers. Our experienced and skillful team excel at acknowledging particular requirements and designing the perfect kitchen for you. If you are looking for excellent bespoke kitchen design, Norwich is the place to be.

Custom kitchen design

Regardless of your tastes and demands, Grays Fitted Kitchens are proud to accommodate any request. So for modern kitchen design, Norwich-based Grays Fitted Furniture is the company for you. Our experienced design staff cater for classic traditional styles to sleek contemporary kitchens, and work with many different types of material such as many types of wood, acrylic and vinyl. We also stay up-to-date with the latest in groundbreaking new styles and innovative new technologies.

For a more individual style, you can mix and match kitchen cabinet doors and colours or have doors painted in the colour of your choice. Add to this our amazing range of wood, granite, composite and laminate worktops and your choices are virtually limitless.

Quality workmanship

At Grays, our kitchen cabinets are built to last. We never compromise on the quality of our products or our standards of workmanship.

We do not use flat pack furniture and our kitchen cupboards are hand-built so they arrive ready assembled. Our experienced fitters and contractors are all fully trained and carry out all work to the highest standards and safety requirements.

Approved suppliers

We are Neff Master Partners and Bosch main dealers, although we can supply other brands as required.

Bespoke FITTED Kitchens in Norwich

Your kitchen is likely to be the focal point of your home. For that reason, it needs to be as versatile as it is attractive – with the most flexible of kitchens being the ones that families spend the most time in.

Whether you enjoy cooking, entertaining or a combination of both, we can create a kitchen built just for you.

Our philosophy at Grays Fitted Furniture is that the requirements of our customers are unique and therefore the furniture within their homes should be designed with these needs in mind. To provide you with the kitchen that you have always dreamed of, we will help you build it from the ground up, leaving you with a space that you can be proud of.

For custom kitchens in Norwich, think Grays.


We find that most of our customers fit into one of two categories – those wishing for ultra-modern and the latest in contemporary design and those looking for a more traditional kitchen.

There is of course no wrong choice and the decision is entirely up to you. This is why we work with you to bring your design ideas to fruition by offering our personalised kitchen planning service across Norwich.

The experience we have gained in the industry over the past 50 years allows us to work with the most stringent of space constraints – providing usable kitchens where you might not have thought possible. Our approach to custom kitchen design sees us value quality and functionality above all else, placing us as the leading kitchen designer in Norwich.

For your personal kitchen design consultation in Norwich, give Grays a call today.

Comprehensive service

We provide a complete service from building works to tiling, flooring, gas, electrical and plumbing works. Whatever the size or shape of your project, we can manage it.

Smart design and build

At Grays, we design and build your kitchen cabinets to best fit the space available. Our designers provide a free design and planning service and will work with you to establish your kitchen design requirements.

All of our fitted cabinets are individually built so, unlike other companies, we are not restricted to trying to fit standard sized cupboards into non-standard spaces. Without such constraints we will show you what is possible rather than frustrate you with what is not.

Call us today to take advantage of our free kitchen design consultation service:

01603 860 694

Your Choice for Kitchen Design in Norwich

Grays Fitted Furniture take a great deal of pride in every kitchen we design and install.

We have the ability to oversee the entire design process, from the specification of your joinery to the fit and finish of your floor tiles and service installations. We believe in quality and individuality, which is why we never opt for flat pack furniture, instead designing and making every aspect of your kitchen by hand.

To design and plan your kitchen installation in Norwich, speak to one of our kitchen design specialists today by calling us on 01603 860 694.

Alternatively, make a visit to our showroom at Unit 1 Drayton Industrial Park and discuss your design requirements with us in person.

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