Planning a Kitchen Layout for your Norwich Home

The kitchen is at the heart of your home, and whether you live in a period property in Keswick, or a newly-built home in Costessesy, there are endless options for customising your kitchen. However, in addition to choosing sleek appliances and cabinets you love, it’s also important to think about the layout of your kitchen. With Brits spending an average of six hours a week cooking, not to mention time spent in the kitchen dining and socialising, it’s important to get the right layout to suit your needs.

Types of layout

There are many different layouts that can be created in your kitchen, and it’ll depend on how much space you have, and whether your home’s layout is more open or closed plan. When planning a kitchen design in Norwich, one of the first things designers will do is take measurements, and workout which layout is suitable for the space.
Some popular layouts for kitchens include:

  • Galley – either single galley, with all the units on one side, or double galley with units on both sides
  • L-Shaped – these kitchens fit into a corner space, and are often seen in open plan kitchen/diners
  • U-Shaped – these kitchens have units surrounding you on three sides, which can make it easier to find things
  • Island or peninsula – these kitchens are semi-open plan, with an island or peninsula providing extra counter space or a breakfast bar

The work triangle

The key to a practical kitchen is to have the three main things you use in the room; the refrigerator, sink, and stove, in a triangle layout, meaning it’s easy to move between them, but they are separated. Doing this allows you to create ‘zones’ in your kitchen.

Next to the refrigerator, make sure there’s some workspace so you can create a prep zone. When you pull ingredients out of the fridge, this gives you somewhere to rest them, and you can begin chopping and prepping. You may want to opt for a Neff fridge, which can be installed under the counter, and Grays Fitted Furniture are main dealers for Neff appliances.

Around the sink should be a cleaning zone. Ideally, your dishwasher and sink should be close to each other. Many fitted kitchens in Norwich now have a sort of cleaning zone, with plenty of workspace to load and unload the dishwasher, as well as space for washing up in the sink.

Next to the oven, you can create a serving zone. Choose a high-quality oven such as Bosch from Grays Fitted Furniture, a main dealer. Make sure there’s some workspace here to lay out plates for serving, and also rest trays as they come out the oven. Nothing is worse than taking things out the oven, and having to balance them. Depending on the type of worktops you install, you may want to add some heat resistant mats.

Creating zones in your kitchen means it’s easier to stay organised, especially when catering for large numbers of people, or cooking elaborate meals. It also makes it easier to be hygienic in the kitchen, and separate raw and cooked ingredients to ensure there’s no cross contamination.

Great kitchen layouts from Grays Fitted Furniture

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